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  • 产品名称:Lentinan
  • 产品拉丁文:Lentinan,LNT
  • 产品规格:High quality mushroom fruit body
  • 有效成分:多糖

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Lentinan is an effective active ingredient extracted from high-quality Lentinus edodes fruit bodies. The active ingredient in Lentinan is β-(1-3)-D-glucan with branches, and the main chain is β-(1-3)- The connected glucose group is composed of randomly distributed glucose groups connected by β-(1-6) along the main chain, showing a comb-like structure. Studies have shown that the active polysaccharide component of Lentinus edodes, β-(1-3)-D-glucan, inhibits heterologous, homologous.

Molecular formula: (c6h10o5)n, molecular weight: 400,000 to 800,000. The main components of Lentinus edodes are polysaccharides and unsaturated fatty acids, and they also contain a large amount of ergosterol and sterol which can be converted into vitamin D.

Because of the new advertising law, the company does not explain the efficacy of any plant extracts. For those customers who need to understand the function and use, please consult Baidu Encyclopedia.

Shiitake mushrooms contain water-soluble umami substances and can be used as food condiments. The main component is nucleic acid components such as 5'-Uridine. The aroma component is mainly lentinione produced by the decomposition of lentinus acid. Therefore, mushrooms are an important edible, medicinal mushroom and condiment for people.