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Semen Armeniacae Amarum

Semen Armeniacae Amarum
  • 产品名称:Semen Armeniacae Amarum
  • 产品拉丁文:Semen Armeniacae Amarum P.E.
  • 产品规格:98%
  • 有效成分:Amygdalin
  • 应用范围:请百度百科自行查询

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Amygdalin is mainly present in nuts and leaves such as bitter apricot, bitter almond, peach, nectarines, loquat, plums, apples, black cherries, etc. The bitter almond skin does not contain amygdalin.

Amygdalin is a β-type glycoside composed of gentiobiose and amygdalin, molecular formula: C20H27NO11, molecular weight: 457.43.

Its trihydrate is orthorhombic columnar crystal, melting point is 200 ℃, anhydrous point melting point is about 20 ℃, [α]: 20D-42 ℃. 1g is soluble in 12ml H2O, 900ml ethanol and 11ml ethanol, easily soluble in boiling water.

The content of amygdalin in bitter almonds is about 3%, which is 20-30 times higher than that of sweet almonds. Among them, the content of the tip of the skin is slightly higher, and the skin does not contain amygdalin. Raw almonds contain 0.179% HCN, 98% of hydrocyanic acid (HCN, H-C≡N) is consumed in cooking, and 3-7% of HCN is consumed in frying.

The protein in bitter almonds includes enzymes that decompose amygdalin, and it needs to be inactivated during the preparation process. The common method is to boil the bitter almonds (with skin) after boiling in water (90-100°C). It is appropriate to control the length of time (usually about 5 minutes, if it is too long, it will lose about 34.1% of the original amount, if it is too short, it will not be enough to make the amygdalase inactive). After taking it, peel it, dry it, and cook it again.

Bitter almond contains 50% fatty acids, which is a high-grade lubricating oil and is edible, mainly linoleic acid (27%), oleic acid (67%), palmitic acid (5.2%), but it needs to be removed when preparing amygdalin, The oil yield is 44%.