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Momordica grosvenori sharing how to eat fresh Momordica grosvenori?

作者: 合健生物    来源:  Chang Sha Heking Biotechnology Co., Ltd.    时间: 2020-11-19

Due to restrictions on preservation, storage and transportation, the sale of Luo Han Guo has always been mainly dried fruit. Fresh mangosteen fruit has a high internal water content and can only be kept fresh for about 20 days at room temperature. Once the shell breaks during transportation, it will accelerate the deterioration of mangosteen fruit. Therefore, mangosteen has always been dried or dehydrated before being sold in the market.

There are many ways of dehydration of Luo Han Guo. The traditional high temperature baking makes the nutrients in Luo Han Guo inevitably lose at high temperature. Therefore, in comparison, fresh Luo Han Guo retains more nutrients than processed and roasted Luo Han Guo, and the effect will be more significant.

If I get fresh Luo Han Guo, how should I eat it?

Momordica grosvenoris suggests that fresh Momordica grosvenori cannot be tasted directly. Direct tasting can cause tongue paralysis. This is because fresh Momordica grosvenori contains active protein kinase. The main effect of Momordica grosvenori for moisturizing the intestines and detoxification and clearing phlegm is to rely on active protein kinase, and it is more irritating and the effect will be better.

High temperature will cause the active protein kinase to lose its activity. Therefore, the dried fruit of Luo Han Guo made by traditional roasting will lose most of its active ingredients and will not be numb.

This is why it is recommended that some low-temperature dehydrated dried fruits of Luo Han Guo should not be brewed with hot water, but the best water temperature is 60 degrees. This can maximize the effectiveness of the "sweet fruit" Luo Han Guo.

Open the fresh mangosteen fruit, divide it into several small pieces, boil it in water, and drink it. When the various nutrients and water in the mangosteen fruit dissolve, you will get a cup of ideal health care beverage with sweet taste and mellow smell. As Luo Han Guo is cool, you can add some ginger slices to blend it when cooking Luo Han Guo.